1:17 AM
wah. today? i dont know. we didnt do anything but i really feel tired. :) although im HAPPY.

my bestfriend terrie went to school today. (: after how many years since we saw each other. ^^ he did changed a lot. He's tall!! haha. and yet "gwapo" parin. hahaha. we didnt talk to much coz its our recess. only 20 mins is the aloted time. *sayang? haha. not really, because before he leave he sat with me at catwalk. haha. sweet parin xa!! hahaha. dats the reason why im happy. coz he never changed. :) haha. there are also some of my classmates who also went. there's DEMET.RIAN.PATRICK & MICHAEL. all grown up. hahaha.

that's what happend today. oh yeah? and last night. i won in our monthly singles. HAPPY. hahahaha.
winning is so hard. becuase you are battling with some other men also. hahaha. although i got 2nd place only. im still happy. coz GOD gave me a chance to win and make my day so meaningful. but before that game. i went to rasha's house. then we saw kua donn at de castro's gym. coz its their p.E. then he went with us up to the terminal. coz he's going to silang and me and rasha are gonna watch movie. :) we watched the movie "the number 23" starring jim carrey. haha. its a nice movie. :) really really nice.

wah. tiring? isnt it. hahaha.
hope you guys had a great day also.{:

ordinary day
4:33 AM
another day ended. :) it started nice although this day was kinda boring. we had ash in our forehead, coz its ash wednesday! then we had reviews for our achievment test for tomorrow.. hehehe. and we had our p.e. haha. we danced those moves. Cultural dance i guess? haha. still boring. nothing happened happy. and yah, with my kua. he doesnt text. :( huhuhu.

so? wat else. hannah is absent dats why were kinda quiet. no laugh trips. aww. hehehe. :
i think dats it. nothing happend.

just upload some pictures from kua mogul. during RYC. (regional youth conference)
its in my multiply. :)

http://nictesh.multiply.com {check it out here!!}

:( /sad.
3:49 AM
you tell me things ive never known.
ive shown you love youve never shown
but then again when you cry im always at your side.
you tell me bout the love you have i listen very eagerly
but deep inside you never see
this feeling of emptiness that makes me feel sad.
but then again im glad.
im so sick and tired with the same old story! im hurted again. :( boohoo. i didnt know i was falling for him. because he's my friend. super clows friend. but things turned upside down these days. i just felt something that made me feel that i like hime. i was jelly when i saw him with HER. if i look at him as a friend i would be happy and never be jelly. but?? i was jelly. hmm. i think i fall for him. and im having a hard time now. sometimes i want to forget him but i cant. im his baby sis. and that's all. wahh. its hard. bubt what can i do. this is my fate. but, i really dont know what to do. i wish i was not that clows to him so i will not be that hurted.nothing to do. just accept. SACRIFICE,, :(

certified YFC!
3:20 AM
YES! the long wait is over. YFC na ako. :) after 3 day and 2 nights of camp, now im standing here serving for GOD. i really dreamed of being a yfc since we went to morong,rizal to attend the RYC (regional youth conference) ahii. so now, im one of them. Worshipping and Serving GOD. so, i relly learned a lot of things during the camp. and i really did enjoy. I was with brenda the whole camp. the first day i really thought i will not enjoy, although im kinda excited. (: then we had our first talk. and our speaker was KUYA julius. the drummer of the music ministry and a graduating student in our school. although im sleepy i really had the effort to listen. We had a little game. "timmy timmy tammy" hahaha. i enjoyed alot! then we had our dinner. we ate together like a whole family. (: NICE! so, the second talk was ate AYA. the beauty and brains of our school. a graduatng student also. then after that, we had a sharing with our group mates, and our faci's are ate innah, ate thea and ate anna. :) then my groupmates are, cristine, april,danice and innah. so after a great night we all went to bed at 12:00 am. but still im not sleepy. i text and i text with my shobe. haha (who's dat?) toink. ok! i woke up at 6:30. OMG! its very cold. haha. but we still need to take a bath. we went to the shower room and do our morning routines. the second day was FUN! we had the amazing RACE. our group was grouped with edmond's group. so we have a big but winning group. i made the first task. we need to get the stone at the simming pool. i dive and got the stone. we did it first! :) nice. so after that 3rd talk came and kua edwin was the speaker. i enjoyed eventhough some of my groupmates and some of the participants were sleepy coz i appreciated kua edwin a lot! :) haha. then at the afternoon, we had a practice for our e-night. i was the vocalist. haha. but in the end we didnt present! :( but its ok. GOD'S plan. hahaha. so, there are still lot of things happend that i really enjoy. but the most important is now im a YFC. and i ♥ it! :)

7:24 PM
if only you can hear me shout ur name
if only you can feel my love again
the STARS..
in the sky i will never be the same
if only you were here.

hmm. i dont know what's with this song and im so inlove with it. is it because of the band? hmm. maybe not. ohh. i remember ! it was HIM. ahaha. coz, last RYC. when were at the bus i was listening to my ipod. i was listening to stars. then we arrived at sm to pick up some YFC also. still listening to stars. then after the song. i took off my earphones. the i heard someone singing STARS. i thought it was a radio or my ipod but neither is not. it was him. when i look back. okie it was HIM.. so its around 10 pm. so we have a TALK. and were freaking SLEEPY. because we stayed for about 10pm to 12 am. OMG! anyways. while seating der with some of my FRIENDS and schoolmate. ate julie one of my schoolmate and a senior of our school. just saw one star. so i looked up and wished. i wished. lord god. sana mkita quo xa! ulit. khit sglit lng. pliiz. so. minutes after. he's beside me. ! woah. GOD is so good. grabeh. naGCNG aquo bgla nun. ahaha. *LOL* then we worhipped. then he's gone again. but i can still see him. he's not that far eh. so i was kinda happy. ahahaha.
i just shared it. :)
nothing at all. then he message me at friendster. saying to me that im the girl he see in school. wahh. okiee. bsta.. more words i cant xplain. ahaha. now were good friends.

woah. IM BACK.
8:28 PM
again. im back..
hella lazy! i was kinda lazy this past months. i dont even have time to BLOG. nor internet.
ahaha. and i just dont know why?. oh coz im focusing in my STUDIES. ahaha. im kinda ban in using the internet. ahahaha. so im doing fine this time in school. there are things that i really didnt expect to happen. GURL world at peace. ahaha. the former 3rd which is the SENIORS of our school which i had a conflict in the past 2 years of my high school life with them. because of the VARSITY in the school. our school have that bonding we needed. so things were cleared up. !! happii. the persons whom hated me before are now my ♥ friends which i really treasure! ahaha. there is ate TRIXIE. and some are: ate chelsea. ate cess. ate julie. (grabeh. ) i really had a good time being with them during the RYC at morong rizal.
it was a 2 days 1 night event held at rizal! ooh. grabeh. at 1st i thought i was not gonna enjoy it. then being with them those time was like ive been with them for years! gnun! i was so happy that time.. and dun tlgah kmi nkapgusap ni ate julie. :) na tlgang ikinasaya quo. * and there is ate guilian. ate alexa. ate jessica. ate trissa. ate glennie. ^^, mga taong nkakausap quo na ngaun. i was so happy tlgah. eventhough im not happy with my LOVELIFE. but i know im moving on right now. kng sha nga nkapagmove on. why not me? ahaha.

so un. happy aquo with my LIFE. i feel comfortable now. THANK YOU GOD! i know youre behind me when all of this is happening. :)

new hair doo..
1:03 AM

well nothing happened to me this past days..

i just had my NEW HAIRDOO!!

i heart it.. SORRY..

i cut them x_X

^____^ new look..

no classes
11:22 PM
well today, we didnt have any classes!! ahaha..

I just dont know why. i dont know if its because the SONA o sa bagyo.

^__________^ malimit nah cguro aquo dito sa blogspot.com coz, un nga FTP quo ngexpire ehh.. ate diane is on HIATUS (my host) me and diane (ka-host quo) are having a problem.. ahaha.. EXPIRE na kc ung FTP quo.. and im making a new layout. thanks kai POSH! for helping me in coding! i suck in coding. ahaha.. anyways thanks posh!!


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